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Cooking Farsan /Sweet Industries Namkeen Industries
Bakery/Biscuit Industries Packaging Industries Ceramic Industries
Textile/Polymer Industries Aluminium Melting Industries Pharma Industries
Chemical Industries Metal Annealing Industries Mineral Drying and Sintering
Power Generation



  • Superior Technology in solid Fuel based Equipment
  • 24/7 uninterrupted operation
  • No Clinker Formation, No short shutdown period
  • Suitable to use High ash content Fuel.


Product description

Biomass Pellet Feeding System Details and Description

Introduction to Technology:

“Alton-PFS” is an Eco-friendly process Equipment that converts energy from biomass pellets. It Replace the furnace oil, diesel or gas-based systems into a biomass-based system, which is economical, carbon neutral, clean and sustainable”

Types of Input fuels can be used with “Alton-PFS” equipment:

  • All Kind of Agri waste in pellets form.
  • Sawdust in pellet form.
  • Indonesian Coal can be used in sizes of 15mm to 30mm.
  • All Kind of Biomass pellets size from 6mm to 20mm dia.

Salient features of “Alton-PFS”

  • Versatile Pellet feed can be used as fuel.
  • Lower power consumption.
  • Efficiency of system > 85%
  • Self-Auto Ignition provided as per customer.
  • Air Pollution. Can have carbon benefit.
  • Compact and Portable, easily fit in small place
  • User friendly Operation.
  • Inbuilt safety feature.
  • Fuel Level Indicator and alarm.
  • Auto Feeding for minimum utilization of Fuel.

Alton Model:

Alton PFS Model
Sr. No. Alton Model Name Energy Generation Fuel Consumption
Kcal/hr Kg/hr
1 Mini 15000 4
2 Ultra 50000 14
3 Agni 100000 27
4 Strom 150000 41
5 Arka 200000 54
6 Delta 300000 81
7 Blaze 400000 108
Note The Input fuel Pellet Avg. Cv Considered as 4000 kcal/kg